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Now you can enjoy Wifi access from your home, office or ANYWHERE in the Grand Valley At an attractive price. If there are any questions tips or comments please feel free to send through the contact us page.

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Basic Package

This is starter package meant for those who just causally browse the internet send receive mail as well as regular video and music downloads.

The Basic Package includes up to 5 Mbps Download! 1Mbps Upload!

$34.99 Per month


This is Premium Package meant for those who demand more from there internet service. Including high data transfer rates for streaming or file share as well as HD Movies and Music.

The Premium Package Includes up to 10 Mbps Download! 2 Mbps Upload!

$44.99 Per month


This Pro Package is the ULTIMATE in HIGH SPEED SERVICE meant for the most intensive applications, The high data transfer rates are perfect for streaming or file sharing as well as simultaneous HD Movies and Music downloads on multiple devices.

The Pro Package Includes up to 15 Mbps Download!!! 5Mbps Upload!!! (WOW!!!)

$54.99 Per month